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After beginning as a small office pool back in 1996 at the former CART headquarters in Troy, Michigan, the BFL has grown into a mainstay of the entire motorsports community and more, with up to 50 players from all walks of life expected to join the fray this year.  A story to watch will be if the BFL can produce its first ever three-time champion in history with the biggest number of former league titlists set to return.  Redhawk Tackle ( Martin Lim – 2017) leads a strong group of BFL champs that include Mrs. Backmarker (Rena Shanaman-Tenorio - 2016), BobbyG (Bob Gallant – 2015), Surfside Sam (Kevin Wilkerson – 2014), Diablo (Jerry Dunlap – 2009), Christine (Christine Reinhart – 2005,2008), ATOM (Adam Saal – 2007, 2001), Marcus Blade (Marc Matlen – 2006), Team Gridiron (Mike Daniels – 2004), Raising Cain (Merrill Cain – 2003), Pikachu (Alec Applebaum – 2002), Freddie T (Freddie T – 1997) and long-gone BFL player Kim Parker who scored back-to-back titles in 1998 and 1999.